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Monday, February 28, 2011

Materials Museum

Welcome to the Class 2b Virtual Materials Museum.

Here you will be able to browse, at your leisure, our display of items from each of the main categories of materials involved in our current Unit of Inquiry.

Here are some things we already know about materials.....

"They use flames to make glass."     Tom

"Trees make paper."      Tavonga

"Trees give us paper."    Stefan

"Metal is hard and rock-ish and comes from the ground."            Kyle

"We find metal underground."      Olivier

"Fabric can be made from cotton."    Elias

"We get wool from lambs."      Beenish

"Some fabric comes from wool."    Heloise

"Wool comes from sheep."     Luis

"My juice maker is made from plastic."     

"They use oil to make plastic."    Zubair

"Rubber comes from rubber trees."    Arissa

"Wood comes from the forest."  Akshaya

"Wood comes from trees."    Sona

"Clay comes from the earth."     Irene

"Clay comes from the ground."   Matthew

"You get clay from dirt."      Kevin

"Gold comes from rocks."       Mollie

"Gold comes from deep, deep underground."      Libby

Celebration of Learning

 Just before the break, Class 2b invited parents and friends to a morning of presentations followed by a potluck lunch.  We were celebrating the end of our Unit of Inquiry on Pattern, Rhyme and Rhythm.

We demonstrated our skills through songs, poems, skits, and sound and movement patterns.

Akshaya helped Beatrix act out her original poem about beans, mushrooms and slugs, while Kyle assisted Matthew with his limerick about a travelling polar bear.  Arissa was on hand to help Shahzeb deliver his poem featuring the cow with the blue shoe.

Kyle and Zubair shared  ideas of what their "Backwards Town" would be like.

"A shrimp is eating a boy.  Ahhhhh, said the boy."  Kyle

"People are in the trees."    Zubair

There was so much quality entertainment, we should have asked to see tickets!

Parents were also involved in the presentations.  After hearing our versions of popular nursery rhymes, they were asked to guess the original.  Tom's mom was quite the expert!

Following our presentations, the children were able to share their written work with their parents.

Color patterns, number patterns, picture patterns.....skip counting, tallies, graphs, and hieroglyphs... parents were asked to choose a piece of work from their child's pattern folder to be included in the end of year personal portfolio.

 When the parents had completed their assignments, it was time for our potluck lunch.

There were so many interesting contrbutions that it turned out to be quite a feast!  Our cafeteria chef, Robert, delivered the children's hot lunch main course with his usual creative flair.  Who knew you could make a swan out of an apple?

A big thank you to everyone who made our Celebration of Learning such a success!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Smarties Math

One of the toughest assignments we had recently was a math worksheet involving tallies, sorting, and addition.

Of course, no one really wanted to do this, but after  a lot of begging and pleading by Miss Mills and Val, the children finally agreed to force themselves to eat their math equipment.

In the end, it was successful and delicious!