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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Famous "People" in Our Class

Meet Robert Plant (Bob for short) and his friend Jimmy (Page)
 If you have been in the classroom lately, you may have seen our celebrity, Bob.   Bob is an amaryllis whose full name is Robert Plant.  He invited his friend, Jimmy Page for a visit and they are camped out by the window.

We are tracking Bob's growth (he grows very quickly) and are anxiously awaiting one or more flowers.    We each made a prediction about when this might actually happen:  anywhere between 4 and 100 days!

To celebrate the arrival of Robert and Jimmy, we discussed their legendary
rock band, Led Zeppelin.  Because some of us were not familiar with Led Zeppelin's work, we turned on our SmartBoard at lunchtime and had a look and a listen.   EVERYONE was impressed, especially Bob!

I wonder who will show up when we study Materials....(Ronnie Wood and the Rolling Stones, maybe?)


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