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Monday, November 1, 2010

Our World of Plants

Our World of Plants, which is the current Unit of Inquiry, began with deciding what we already knew about plants and what our lunches would be like without plants in the world.  Most of us decided that it would be a very boring lunch without fruits and vegetables.

Newstime became more risk taking and controlled chaos than actual news reporting as each child brought a plant to smell and/or taste.  We willingly (most of us, anyway..) tasted things from apples to pomegranates;  fennel to sage.  It was an aromatic and interesting week.

We are now eagerly awaiting the "birth" of our bean babies, which are currently growing in their own plastic bag incubators on the classroom window.  Each day, we observe our beans and record the changes in our Plant books.  Split seeds, small roots and even some green stems have been noticed.  


Since we have been on holiday for a week, exciting things have happened in the bean nursery.  I am happy to announce the arrival of our "babies".

  • "My bean is no longer a bean, it's a plant.  It has roots and big leaves and a stem"   Arissa            
  • "My bean has leaves now!"   Elias                                               
  • "My bean has grown a lot since I saw it on Day 8.  It has leaves and a stem."   Matthew

We will continue to watch carefully and record the growth of our beans in our Plant books.  How long will it be until they poke out of the top of the bags?

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